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By: Edward C. Feldman, DVM, DACVIM

  • Department of Medicine and Epidemiology, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis, CA

Participatory studying via social media: How and why social studies educators use Twitter gastritis symptoms heartburn discount 30 mg prevacid with visa. Mobile telephones within the classroom: Examining the consequences of texting gastritis caused by stress generic prevacid 15mg overnight delivery, Twitter gastritis diet buy discount prevacid 15mg on line, and message content material on student studying. Using social media in instructor preparation programs: Twitter as a way to create social presence. We attempt to assist them in growing oral communication expertise to be able to successfully navigate a job interview and successfully talk with colleagues of their profession. PowerPoint is commonplace within the classroom and at occasions misused by each the teacher and the student. Whereas the objective of a presentation is to have interaction your audience and talk your level, ineffectively utilizing PowerPoint can bore, confuse, and annoy attendees inflicting them to ignore your message. Too a lot info on the slides, lack of visuals, overuse of bulleted lists, overdoing it with animations, utilizing too small font, odd shade decisions, awkward transitions, and excessive typos are simply a few of the ways that make PowerPoints an ineffective communication tool within the classroom (Satterfield, 2007; Tufte, 2003). PechaKucha is a technique of utilizing PowerPoint that has proven to be extra partaking, higher acquired by audience members, and rated of upper high quality than traditional PowerPoint presentations (Beyer, 2011; Byrne, 2016; Oliver & Kowalczyk, 2013; Soto-Caban, Selvi, & Avila-Medina, 2011; Widyaningrum, 2016). As instructors we can use this presentation technique not solely to present course content material but additionally to train our college students on how to put together an effective and engaging skilled presentation. In the sections that observe, we describe what PechaKucha type presentations encompass, what analysis helps their use within the classroom, challenges one might encounter when growing and using PechaKucha presentations, and ideas for how to incorporate this presentation technique inside your classroom. This creative presentation format was developed in Japan in 2003 by two architects, Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham, as a method to attract potential patrons to their new occasion space (pechakucha. This timed presentation approach consists of displaying 20 slides (largely photographs) for only 20 seconds each, thereby making the entire presentation solely 6 minutes and forty seconds. PechaKucha presentations should be primarily graphical; slides should be predominately photographs with little to no textual content. Also, to keep the fast-paced momentum going all through the presentation, slides should be set up to routinely advance each 20 seconds. Research has proven that this technique of utilizing PowerPoint is extra partaking and audience members have comparable levels of recall compared to traditional methods of utilizing PowerPoint (Beyer, Gaze, & Lazicki, 2012). Instructors can use this technique of presenting as method to introduce a new content material topic at the beginning of a category dialogue or activity, as a method to present an actual-world example of a concept discussed in class, or on the end of dialogue/activity as method to recap the knowledge learned. Students can use this presentation type as a person or group presentation for a category assignment or as their last presentation for a analysis/writing project. This gives college students experience speaking before an audience in a concise and skilled method. PechaKuchas have been used by instructors and college students inside the classroom (each K-12 and Postsecondary) (Byrne, 2016; Klentzin, Bounds, Paladino, & Johnston, 2010), as a presentation format at tutorial conferences (such as the American College Personnel Association, American Marketing Association, International Association for Social Science Information Services and Technology, and the European Educational Research Association), and at multi-speaker academic and group events, sometimes referred to as "PechaKucha Nights" (for instance: utworks. PechaKucha is appealing in that it requires the audience to be far more engaged within the presentation (Allen, 2017; Anderson & Williams, 2012). It may scale back mental fatigue by allowing the attendees to focus on the spoken word rather than leaping backwards and forwards between the presenter and textual content intensive PowerPoint slides. Preparing college students to make skilled presentations (Byrne, 2016) is simply one of many many advantages of using this sort of presentation methodology. Research has proven that this type of presentation has been used successfully in academic settings in a wide range of disciplines similar to communications, nursing, advertising, psychology, and statistics by each instructors and college students for presenting info on each easy and sophisticated subjects (Beyer, 2011; Byrne, 2016; Fewell, 2015; Levin & Peterson, 2013; Lucas & Rawlins, 2015; McDonald & Derby, 2015; Morrow, Kelly, & Shipley, 2017). There is a plethora of analysis to assist that PechaKucha type presentations are rated as extra partaking and progressive than traditional PowerPoint presentations (Beyer et al. Byrne (2016) utilized PechaKucha presentations as an assignment with graduate nursing college students. PechaKucha has also been proven to be simply as effective as traditional PowerPoint presentations are for studying new info (Klentzin et al. Another good thing about this P a g e 308 presentation technique is that it can be applied in each traditional face-to-face as well as online school rooms. Within a standard face-to-face classroom, teachers can maintain a PechaKucha presentation occasion as the culminating student project. In a distance training classroom each college students and faculty can create a digital recording of their PechaKucha presentation and deliver it both asynchronously or synchronously.

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Photograph courtesy of Department of Pathology gastritis or gastroenteritis purchase 15mg prevacid otc, Microbiology gastritis diet 6 months generic prevacid 30mg otc, and Immunology gastritis in cats purchase prevacid 15 mg line, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis. Standard features to differentiate a benign tumor from its cancerous counterpart are the quantity of differentiation or presence of anaplasia, the speed of growth, and the presence of local invasion and metastasis. The moderator commented that often with a surgical biopsy, which can be accompanied by a restricted or no historical past as was the case with conference participants, the pathologist will get no information on metastasis, and native invasion may not be noticed if no adjoining normal tissue is current. Anaplasia is when the tumor is poorly d i ff e r e n t i a t e d, and i t i s b e l i e v e d t h a t the undifferentiated cells with immature "stem-cell-like" properties have lack of differentiation capacity. Anaplastic tumors may also exhibit lack of cell and nuclear uniformity, or pleomorphism; irregular nuclear morphology with hyperchromasia, high nuclear-to-cytoplasmic ratio, irregular shape, and variable nucleoli; bizarre mitoses or a high mitotic price; loss cellular polarity with haphazard group; tumor large cells; and huge areas of ischemic necrosis. The price of growth in malignant tumors is commonly erratic, starting from sluggish to fast, and it is a tough parameter to measure and use for the analysis of malignancy. The local aggressiveness of a tumor is an effective indicator of malignancy, as benign tumors are often expansile, while malignant tumors invade or efface the surrounding normal tissue. Metastasis is achieved via either the seeding of physique cavities and surfaces, as in carcinomatosis, or hematogenous or lymphatic unfold. While usually carcinomas unfold via lymphatic routes and sarcomas unfold via hematogenous routes, the interconnectedness of the two vascular methods often blurs these lines. In lymphatic unfold, neoplastic cells observe the pure route of lymphatic drainage. However, pulmonary capillary beds or major pulmonary tumors enable easier access to arterial unfold. The moderator commented that often with a surgical biopsy, restricted or no historical past and the relatively small amount of tissue evaluated in a single histologic slide could make the differentiation between benign and malignant tumors elusive. The moderator offered his approach to the characteristics of malignancy so as of most reliable to least as follows: By its very definition, evidence of metastasis means that a tumor is malignant. However, this information is commonly not current, and the next greatest function to point out metastasis is the presence of intravasation of the neoplasm, which underscores its aggressive nature. The subsequent most reliable function of malignancy is focal tissue invasion, characterised by neoplastic cells breaking via basement membranes, or inciting a desmoplastic response, irritation or different features of host response. The least reliable criterion of malignancy is the cytologic appearance of neoplastic cells. When evaluating malignancy based mostly on cellular features, evidence of cell behavior is extra necessary that their appearance, such as the presence of bizarre mitotic figures; nevertheless, this may be tough to completely confirm based mostly on the two-dimensional minimize via a 3-dimensional nucleus. Glomus tumors are often tough to characterize based mostly on histomorphology alone, and this was a superb example, having definitive features of a glomus tumor, together with attribute bulging into vascular channels. Contributor: University of California, Davis Anatomic Pathology Service Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital and Department of Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology School of Veterinary Medicine h t t p: w w w. Signalment: 8-year-old male castrate combined breed home canine, canine (Canis lupis familiaris). History: the animal was admitted to the Small Animal Clinic of the University of Zurich after a historical past of vomiting and diarrhea for two months. The animal had been operated on one year earlier due to a stenosis in the ileocecal region. The histology of the resected tissue revealed a lymphangitis and eosinophilic ileitis. Now, the small intestines have been again severely dilated and congested with ingesta and a new stenosis in the mid jejunum was evident via ultrasound investigation. The animal was submitted to surgical procedure for a second time; the stenotic intestine was resected and sent in for further histological investigation. Gross Pathology: the wall of the jejunum and the connected mesenterium was severely thickened by firm connective tissue. Multifocal, small, round, gentle, whitish nodules of up to 0,5cm in diameter might be seen between the longitudinal and circular muscle layers of the tunica muscularis. The lymphatic vessels on the mesenteric web site of the intestine have been severely congested with lymph. Laboratory Results: the animal had a slightly distended abdomen with a small amount of free, accumulated fluid. The leukocytes consisted mainly of viable neutrophils (95%), few lymphocytes (2%) and monocytes/macrophages (3%).

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Stephen Blessing gastritis diet discount 30 mg prevacid with amex, Bethany Fleck gastritis symptoms home remedies prevacid 30mg low price, and Heather Hussey focus on the methods during which blogs have been utilized in larger training lecture rooms in Chapter 28 chronic gastritis outcome generic prevacid 15 mg online. Three kinds of blogs are thought of: Traditional blogs, micro-blogs, and photoblogs. In addition to considering the pedagogical reasons for utilizing these sorts of blogs in lecture rooms, the authors additionally analyze the empirical findings that instructors and researchers have found in their courses. They shut with a brief listing of issues for instructors who may want to use blogs in their lecture rooms. The authors carried out a quasi-experiment throughout four semesters (two tutorial years) of instructing the course, with every author instructing two sections requiring scholar Tweets as a course element, and two sections taught traditionally with out Twitter. While scholar engagement and tutorial performance had been unaffected by incorporating Twitter, small however notable correlations provide avenues for future research. In Chapter 30, Jennifer Ann Morrow, Lisa Shipley, and Stephanie Kelly focus on the advantages of utilizing the PechaKucha presentation style within the college classroom. The authors describe how this fast-paced, interactive presentation style can be utilized by both instructors and students. The advantages and challenges of utilizing this presentation methodology are offered in addition to ideas for a way instructors can incorporate PechaKuchas in their lecture rooms. Helpful tips for what to do and what to not do are summarized and an inventory of assets and examples are additionally provided throughout the chapter. In every chapter, the authors have shared their insights into how the know-how was used, the challenges, in addition to the rewards, experienced, and suggestions for adopting specific tools. Our hope is that the reader will discover the text to be a practical introduction the applied sciences obtainable to faculty and students in assembly their studying objectives. I was not good at all the subjects I took in highschool, however I was good at Geometry. Part of this was because of a love of drawing and buildings, however in equal measure, it was because of my trainer. To this present day, I try to mannequin my very own instructing after his enthusiasm and charisma and I hope I do him justice! Kelly the canvas upon which he portrayed concepts, photographs, formulas, strains, angles, circles, and the occasional polyhedron in stark white chalk. To me, it appeared nearly like an opera, with the words (sometimes seeming to be in a different language, just a like an actual opera! Being a type of who typically wished to add my very own harmonies to the symphony, I typically spoke out of turn, whispered to my associates, and customarily goofed around in a manner which I felt added colour to the music. Kelly could hit me within the head with a chalk infused eraser from any level within the room, and he typically felt the need to achieve this. Jump forward a couple of a long time and I discovered myself standing in entrance of a chalkboard in my very own classroom. I had gone on to college (for way too long) and found myself instructing Psychology at a local people college (one thing I actually have been doing for 20 years now, presumably, additionally, way too long! I never threw erasers at my students (I solely wished to), however I do consider I may have engaged some of them as a lot as I was engaged by Mr. This know-how was alleged to play a part within the transformation of upper training and make studying more partaking and instructing more energized. Someone got it into their head that markers of a splendid variety of colors utilized to a shiny white floor would create a greater (if not a minimum of, much less chalk mud-filled) studying experience for all. After all, one could use totally different colors to emphasize differences in concepts, concepts, and thoughts. P a g e 16 And, if one utilized the proper methodology of erasing and cleansing the floor, the gleaming whiteboard might be returned to its unique pristine state for the next thought, idea, or class. Unlike the chalkboard that I was typically obliged to clear with cleaning soap and water after faculty due to my numerous attempts to add my very own music to the courses I attended. The classroom I was instructing in was the final classroom that had not been impacted by this new know-how. I liked the sounds it made after I was writing and the way it performed a part in my pondering and processing of concepts. It may even have performed out to some of my students the same way it did to me after I was in highschool; the staccato rhythm accompanying a dynamic lecture. Despite my insistence that I wished to hold my chalkboard, it was taken off the wall and replaced by a shiny new whiteboard. I approached this soul-much less floor armed with a box of "markers" which had been brilliant and colourful however, for some cause, appeared much less alive.

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Aflatoxin has additionally been shown to gastritis symptoms lower back pain proven prevacid 15mg scale back phagocytic exercise in rabbit alveolar macrophages and to chronic gastritis yahoo answers buy prevacid 15 mg free shipping inhibit phagocytic cell operate in normal peripheral blood monocytes in vitro (Williams et al gastritis diet purchase prevacid 15mg without a prescription. These studies embody single dose, acute/short-term, repeated dose, and chronic publicity studies 79 during which the experimental animals have been fed diet naturally or artificially contaminated with AfB1, mixtures of aflatoxins or AfM1. The main goal organ for carcinogenicity is the liver, inflicting hepatocellular carcinomas in rats. Although the results in people are in keeping with these seen in experimental animals, data on impact levels in people is proscribed. Most of the acute/short-term and repeated dose toxicity studies recognized reported on mortality, with only some reporting on systemic effects. Although malformations have been additionally seen at high parenteral doses, the reliability of the report is low. Dose-response data are limited, however effects have been seen in mice at an oral dose of zero. However, a series of studies together with single dose, acute/short-term, repeated dose, and chronic publicity studies have evaluated the carcinogenic potential of aflatoxins, and found that eighty two aflatoxins have been clearly positive. Species and/or pressure differences to aflatoxininduced carcinogenesis have been noted. The Toxicology of Aflatoxins: Human Health, Veterinary, and Agricultural Significance. Comparative acute and combinative toxicity of aflatoxin B1 and fumonisin B1 in animals and human cells. Mutagenic effects of chosen trichothecene mycotoxins and their mixtures with aflatoxin B1. The degree of radioactivity in tissues was very low, and the examine was not designed to evaluate distribution at early time points (apparently no blood sampling or interim sacrifices have been performed). The 4 main catechol metabolites and their O-methyl ethers reported by the identical authors as being fashioned by microsomal incubation systems and by liver slices have been present in the bile. However, no evidence was positioned for an association between Penicillium or Aspergillus and esophageal most cancers; Fusarium was not evaluated for this report. Lethality (degree not obtainable) was reported in mice that obtained ip dosing with one hundred mg/kg­ day of partially purified crude Alternaria extracts for three consecutive days. The teams with TeA in the diet at one hundred forty five ppb and higher had indicators of toxicity, together with decreased meals consumption, weight loss, and death. In addition, one animal had bloody diarrhea and turn into moribund after 2 days on the high dose. However, examine reporting is proscribed, and the group sizes have been small (four-14 dams, depending on dose and management). Other studies investigated specific Alternaria mycotoxins, as opposed to mildew extracts. The concentration in consuming water was adjusted based mostly on the water consumption to keep fixed dosing. Scientific Opinion on the risks for animal and public well being associated to the presence of Alternaria toxins in feed and meals. Analysis of poisonous effects of Alternaria toxins on esophagus of mice by mild and electron. The oral administration of a single dose of 50 to four hundred mg/kg chaetoglobosin A in olive oil had minimal impact on mice and rats (Ohtsubo et al. The solely impact noted at four hundred mg/kg was a transient physique weight loss in both rats and mice. After three days of recovery, solely effects on the thymus and testes have been noted, and no histological abnormalities have been seen after 7 days of recovery (Ohtsubo et al. There was no maternal toxicity, based mostly on changes in physique weight, organ weight, or histological findings, although there was a rise in mitotic figures in the liver at both doses. Fetal data have been reported solely as average outcomes, not in the more appropriate type of per litter analyses. Isolates from 14 different Chaetomium strains inhibited ciliary beating in a chick tracheal organ tradition (Pieckova, 2003), however the significance of this observation is unclear in the absence of reported doses. However, a single incompletely reported examine means that chaetochromin might cause developmental effects. The limited data obtainable on chaetoglobosin A means that its oral toxicity could also be low. Teratogenicity of oral Chaetochromin, a polyphenolic mycotoxin produced by Chaetomium spp.

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