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'The Image of the Other' is an example of a collaborative project in which teachers and their pupils use internet and this material as a starting point for the most crucial part in a collaborating process: the dialogue in which you exchange information, data, viewpoints, etc., on many different subjects with colleagues and peers abroad. A foreign language is often needed, as a medium, for international collaborative teleprojects, Computer Supported Collaborative Learning projects (CSCL-projects) or collaborative e-learning projects, as well as being the object for teaching and learning.

These teleprojects/CSCL/e-learning projects have run thousands of times over the past fifteen years. The necessary educational, organisational and technological support for the projects is organised within the European Schools Project Association, a network organisation of hundreds of schools and other educational institutions in many countries of Europe and beyond.

The ‘Pupil's Pages’and the 'Teacher's Manual' offer a complete scenario for planning, undertaking, and evaluating an international CSCL project. The materials lead up to flexibility in the teaching and learning process as the teachers can adjust the texts in the material according to their students’ needs. There is a clear progression in the material, it can be used in various learning situations, and parts of it can be used in the introductory sessions to cross curricular projects.


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The materials of The Image are suitable for use in the eTwinning (signed action agreement) which is a European initiative that adds to the network of the European Schools Project Association by providing a safe platform for collaboration on the Internet, pedagogical and technical tools, training workshops and advice to schools and teachers in Europe. Go to and search for partners in the eTwinning database of more than 12,000 schools (January 2006)