ESP Country: the Netherlands

Rob Barkey
My name is Rob Barkey and I am the national coordinator for the Netherlands. I am also member of the board and treasurer of the ESP.

In 1999 I started to participate the ESP. I have created and developed international projects among various European countries, like Finland, Germany, Scotland and Spain. Many of our pupils and teachers participated in these ESP-projects.

ESP started in 1986. In 2001, the  25th year anniversary book was presented. It describes the participation of many more pupils and teachers in projects all over the world.

After the 44 years of teaching, first in primary, later in secondary and at present at the University, I still love teaching. I brought many pupils to schools in other countries virtually and in reality to Germany and  Scotland.

It is a real pleasure for me to see young students exchange their cultures, experiences and more. My wish is that we realize that our young world citizens create the close future and that we are all one family at the end.
My favorite video clip about this matter is:

Hope I can meet you at one of our seminars!

Rob Barkey    MeD